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A Personal Letter from the Founder and Executive Director


Dear Visitors,

I could not have envisioned how my life would be impacted by four words…Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD).  As I look back now, I can see the stepping stones God put in place to lead me to where I am today.

In 1990 my four year old daughter Jessica was diagnosed with ADHD which promoted my journey to learn everything I could about ADHD.  I read every book available, attended local, state and international conferences, and joined numerous organizations so I could learn how to help my child.  Years later, when the diagnosis of dyslexia was added, my journey was expanded.  While there are many misconceptions about ADHD and dyslexia today, there were even more 20 years ago.  I knew how smart my daughter was and I was determined she was not going to be a statistic, due to a label.

I came to realize that I was not the only parent struggling to get individuals to look past the label and to see the child.  I began working in the community with families and educators promoting public awareness and understanding.  As an advocate, I became familiar with the laws designed to protect and educate students with disabilities and understood how the school system was supposed to work, but I could not understand why countless students were not receiving a “free, appropriate public education.”  I was dismayed to learn teachers and administrators have very limited resources to provide the much needed services to students with disabilities due to the lack of federal funding promised in 1975.

I was disheartened to see the self esteem drained from children by the large typical, one size fits all school setting.  It was never my plan to open an education center or a school.  I remember numerous times when someone mentioned I should open a school; I was quick to point out I could never open a school.  I began to realize the foundation of an educational setting should be based on unconditional love, acceptance and affirmation.  God used my students to teach me that although I could not open a school, God could open a school through me.

Established in 2005, Faith Christian Academy is a non-denominational Christ-centered college preparatory institution.  FCA opened our outreach ministry, Faith Education and Resource Center in January 2009 offering an array of services for the community including an education program for students with autism spectrum disorder.

What better way to sum up Faith Christian Academy than by our school verse: “Everything comes from God alone.  Everything is for His power and everything is for His glory.”  Romans 11:36.

My greatest passion was and continues to be working with children!



Tammy Mullins



Executive Director

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