Therapeutic Options

Animal Assisted Therapy

Dogs provide unconditional love and acceptance which correlates with the principle foundation of FCA.  It seemed only natural for Gracie, a four year old mixed breed, certified animal therapy dog to be part of at FCA team.   As students and staff arrive, Gracie is anxiously waiting to greet each person.  Students practice math skills and reading aloud under “Gracie’s supervision”.  Some students will work hard, to earn the privilege to walk Gracie while others prefer to have Gracie sit beside them in class.  It is truly amazing to see Gracie at work with the students.

Experiential and Expressive Arts Therapy  (Art and Music Therapy)

Learning how to identify and experience emotions is a skill that many children and adolescents have trouble mastering.  When emotions are hidden within the mind, people begin to experience distress.  Empirical studies show that experiential methods help clients achieve dramatic results in the areas of psychological symptom reduction.  Using a combination of guided imagery, music therapy, and creative journaling to help identify and express themselves more effectively.

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