Admissions Information

Interested parents will be asked to follow the procedures listed below in order to enroll their children at any grade level at Faith Christian Academy.

  • Obtain an enrollment packet.
  • Complete F.C.A. application form and attach a non-refundable registration fee of $ 30.  A recent psychological evaluation (within the past three years), achievement test (TCAPS), and report cards must be included with the application.
  • The admission committee will review the student application, psychological evaluation, achievements test, and report cards, to determine if FCA is proper placement for the student.  The committee will not review the application until ALL the required documentation is submitted.
  • Upon recommendation of the admission committee, a parent and student interview may be scheduled.
  • Written confirmation will be provided with 14 days of the parent/student interview.

Acceptance of students, grades 1-12, for the next school year begins upon completion of re-enrollment by our current school families the first week in March.  Faith Christian Academy reserves the right to a 30-day trial period for enrollment.  If it is determined by Faith Christian Academy that the placement is inappropriate, the family will be notified and the enrollment contract terminated.   To attend Faith Christian Academy is a privilege, not a right.

If the class is full, they will be placed in a waiting pool.  Acceptance is not based on first-come, first served.  Acceptance is based upon student academic needs, boy/girl ratio, Executive Director recommendations, etc.  In an effort to maintain a balanced boy/girls ratio, FAITH CHRISTIAN ACADEMY reserves the right to make placement in accordance with that balance.


Admissions Policy

Anyone may apply for enrollment to Faith Christian Academy.  As described in our Statement of Faith, we are Biblically directed and operate based on the foundations of Christian faith. With this in mind, we seek parents and students who embrace our philosophy. Any student and family, who apply to our program, are by their application agreeing with our Statement of Faith and our Student Code of Conduct.

The Admission Committee reviews the enrollment application, transcripts, psychological evaluations, and assessments (language, speech, occupational therapy, etc) to determine if FCA is the appropriate placement.  FCA reserves the right to decline admission to any student whose prior behavior records indicate that they are not compatible with the standards and environment of Faith Christian Academy.

New students undergo an initial 30-day trial period to determine if our program serves the needs of the student.  The administration reserves the right to discontinue education services to any student during the probationary period.

  • Previous Expulsion From Another School:  Generally, the school does not enroll students who have been dismissed from other schools or who have been in serious disciplinary trouble.
  • Birth Certificate:  A copy of the child’s birth certificate must be in the school records.
  • Immunization Records:  Immunization must be up to date by Tennessee law.
  • Psychological Evaluation:  A recent (within the last three years) psychological evaluation is required.
    • If a student is attending counseling, Faith Christian Academy must have written confirmation that the student does not pose a physical risk to himself or others.  The enrollment contract stipulates that the administration may contact the counselor, at any time, with concern for the child’s mental well- being.
    • If a student is taking a prescribed medication, it must be indicated on the application.  If there is a change in medication, the administration must be notified in writing.
  • Acceptance Policy:  Faith Christian Academy does not provide the enrollment to students whose behavior or physical needs cannot be met by our existing staff.

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